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Welcome to my personal webpage. Just my little space on the web. I am an information security researcher from The Netherlands. Currently I live in Belgium with my wife and daughter.

Besides the bits and bytes, I try to do some Triathlon, just for fun. Yeah, I know, I must have an anomaly somewhere...

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At a young age I came into contact with computers through my father. He took a computer class with my uncle and bought a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which I still own. Soon it was me doing all my father and uncle's homework assignments.

During my school days I had to solve all computer problems, I still remember the Philips P2000 systems. Once they need to run a password protected application but no one knew the password. Seriously guys, it's just basic. Read the code...

At secondary education we had a Novell Netware network. I loved it... But somehow I ended up in all the wrong places. Or have they not secured it enough. LOL. No real harm done. I was so bored that I took a Novell Netware course in addition to high school. Just for fun.

At the university we also had a Novell Netware network setup. When we needed a brake during programming lessons, I crashed the network. Just had to run: RENDIR <alt 174> <alt 174>. It took Novell ages to fix.

I started my working career as a MCSE, Not really my cup of tea. So i quickly switched to Cisco Networking. Loved the routing protocols, specially IS-IS and BGP. Sadly i didn't got the chance to finish the CCIE.

From networking i switched to information security, a world with much to explore. I hope to be active in this domain for many years.

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